Ilonka J. Harezi

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Ilonka Harezi

Ilonka Harezi is an accomplished business woman—as a researcher, author, inventor, and expert in Quantum Mechanics and Scalar Technology among her list of impressive attributes. Her most visible accomplishment in the eyes of the public is her invention of TESLAR Technology watches; however, Harezi has been creating scientific and marketing breakthroughs for the last 35 years.

Recognized as an expert in Mind Field Interactions and Quantum Resonance Effects, Harezi is responsible for teaching and educating other scientists and scholars on Scalar technology and its practical implications in the healing process.

As an international businesswoman in the 1970s and 1980s, Ilonka Harezi traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East. During her travels, Harezi developed an interest in the healing practices of the various regions of the world.

In the early 1980s, Harezi began a unique collaboration with Dr. Andrija Puharich, a recognized expert in ELF (extremely low frequency) technology. Harezi and Puharich set out to capture standing-wave scalar technology in an instrument that could be worn 24-hours a day and that would shield from or help reduce the effects of exposure to harmful ELF frequencies.

The duo originally designed a cumbersome coil that fit inside a bracelet which produced an electric and magnetic field. The design was clumsy because of the power source driving the bucking coil mechanism. The bracelet would be worn on the left wrist, thus tapping into the body’s triple wormer meridian (an energy conduit), which would eventually carry the signal throughout the body. Harezi formulated the idea of using the power source and coil mechanism inside a standard wristwatch to power Puharich’s coil. Still proving a bit unwieldy, Harezi then invented a process in which the technology of this cumbersome coil could fit inside a small chip covered by copper.

This tiny chip could be placed directly inside a wristwatch and enabled them to use the electric field of the watch battery and the magnetic field of the watch’s coil to cancel out both fields, creating zero-point energy—scalar technology. They quickly named the chip, the TESLAR, in honor of Nikola Tesla, a protégé and competitor of Thomas Edison. The TESLAR chip is now available in the TESLAR watch brand.

In 1987, shortly after the invention of the TESLAR technology, Harezi formed a team of international award-winning scientists in ELF Cocoon focusing on applied research and scientific exploration into electromagnetic fields and the study of the quantum. Their collaborative efforts over many years resulted in other advanced electromagnetic healing technologies currently in use today by medical practitioners all over the USA,.

In her book, The Resonance in Residence, Ilonka Harezi presents the new emerging scientific paradigm made possible by advances in Quantum Physics that everything in our world—and especially our bodies—are composed of electro magnetic fields with additional properties and capabilities perhaps as yet still unknown or understood. Ilonka’s book and presentation illuminate this new scientific paradigm, that we are first fields that create bodies, rather than bodies that then create fields. She discusses the implications of this reality on our health, our psyches, our environment—our entire perceptions of life.

Ilonka is married to Courtland Reeves (one of the foremost experts in lymphatic detoxification therapy), a mother of three children: Bryan, Casey, and Franceska, and a grandmother. It would be impossible not to mention Ilonka’s right hand in all ventures at home and at work, Chihuahua “JYBA.” Ilonka Harezi resides with her family in Tennessee.