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Laster innhold, vennligst vent!

Wael Adopts A New Mom

I don't know how to start... Let's go back when I was 13 years old when I saw Ilonka in Egypt in 1992. I still remember it as it were yesterday. I was with my father in the lobby ....More »

Wael’s Academic Excellence

Wael Adel Mekhimar is my adopted son from Egypt. He moved to the states since he was 19 and decided to go back to college to earn a second degree in Web designing and graphics.......More »

Zen serenity on the beach

Step off the elevator onto the 27th floor of the Sunny Isles Beach condo, and into a soothing sensation. When the custom-made metal door opens, a smiling lifesized golden Budhha greets....More »

St Petersburg Economic Summit

SHIFT 2012 and JYBA heading to the St Petersburg Russian Economic Summit. I just got the NEWS!!!! I will be speaking in Russia at the St. Petersburg Economic Summit on SHIFT 2012.More »

Explore Magazine Article

Published in Explore Magazine, Volume 12, Number 6, 2003. Pages 48-53. Teslar Technology Revealed as a Classic Scalar Instrument Written by Ilonka Harezi .More »

Preface to "A Soul, Breathing”

This book is a gift of love from me to you. It offers you a lesson I learned over a lifetime, one so life affirming, positive, and enriching that I felt the need to share that "secret" with all who...More »

Tibetan Oracle

Nechung - The State Oracle of Tibet Like many ancient civilizations of the world, the phenomenon of oracles remains an important part of the Tibetan way of life. Tibetans rely on oracles ....More »

Walking The Waking Journey

Teslar Entertainment and The Workshop for Infinite Media, Inc. present A Premiere Presentation of the Documentary WALKING THE WAKING JOURNEY An Epic Voyage to Awaken......More »

Vegas Documentary Film Award

Winning the Las Vegas Documentary Film Award , Walking the Waking Journey Balanag’s film on the children’s journey back to their homes in 2008 was among the documentaries that ......More »

International Film Festival (KIFF)

The Waking Journey in International Film Festival (KIFF) in Kansas City, Our film, Walking the Waking Journey, has been selected to screen at the 11th annual Kansas international Film .....More »

Lucerne Film Festival

Walking the Waking Journey has been accepted into the Lucerne International Film Festival in Lucerne Switzerland. Lama Tenzen is attending along with Ferdie Balang. Teslar EntertainmentMore »

The Waking Journey awards

These are the awards that have been won by Walking The Waking Journey. Special thanks to Ferdie Balang and Sheila for their work and creative ability to make this such a success! 2nd ....More »

Summer In The City

Cheri Kaufman Celebrates “Summer In the City” with Supper & A Show With Performance by Here II Here at Le Cirque .....More »

Stargate Los Angeles

I was recently in Los Angeles to give a weekend-long “Stargate Mystery School” Workshop at John Riley’s Zero Point Research Center in Santa Monica. While in LA, I experienced ....More »

Ilonka Harezi Interview

Author Ilonka Harezi has traveled the world in search of an inner understanding of Science and Spirituality, which culminated in bring the leading scientists delving into the theory of ....More »

Ambassador of Jyba in Senegal

I am called D’Tamsir Oussmane Deme. I am the Ambassador in Senegal of Jyba on behalf of my mother, Ilonka Harezi and her project, Jyba Children Worldwide. I would .....More »

Our little secret sharing

Here is my little sharing. Love is no boundary in the world. Network is always existing when people are real connected. That's what we called globalization ....More »

Teslar 2019 End of Year Report

2019 Coverage Overview: Objectives Achieved, Public Relations, Events, Social Media ..... .

More »



Teslar Shield wellness wearable is your personal shield from 5G and EMR .More »


TESLAR SHIELD Wearable Wellness With technology designed to resist the effects of harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR).More »


The Great Awakening Summit starts

Saturday, October 24th 2020 at 8:30 AM [PT], We have a couple of updates to the calendar see below in GREEN:..... .More »