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Teslar TESLAR®
Teslar technology came from an identified need to protect people from from dangersof manmade electromagnetic fieds that have emerged from electromagnetic-based technology. Scalar carries information on .........More »
TESLAR® Science TESLAR® Science
Visit our TESLAR® Science Website to learn about the science behind our technology and its application to mainstream consumers. See how our product can provide more .....More »

TESLAR® Watch Repair TESLAR® Watch Repair
Our Watch Repair Center was founded to service all TESLAR® Timepieces that have been sold through TESLAR® Watch Company in St. Francisville, IL and any other watch that has a TESLAR® chip. .... More »
TESLAR® Science Nobilis Global
At Nobilis Global, we are particularly proud of our global, integrated, transparent approach. Operating as one company, Nobilis leverages all business and partnering across ........ More »