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Published in Explore Magazine, Volume 12, Number 6, 2003. Pages 48-53. Teslar Technology Revealed as a Classic Scalar Instrument Written by Ilonka Harezi

Teslar Technology was a forerunner to the scalar instruments of today and even now paves the way to a quantum nanotech future. It was ahead of its time in 1986 and is now becoming an instrument utilized by thousands because of its rapid response to biological systems. How does this very simple instrument in a watch create such a profound effect? Dr. Shenechi Seiki of the Gravity Research Laboratory in Uwajima City, Japan, wrote a book containing nearly 400 pages of higher mathematics on the nature of gravity energy fields (Ultra Relativity, Shenechi Seike, I-32 Chome, Maruhochok, Uwajima City, Ehime (798) Japan; Gravity Research Laboratory 1969). In his book, Dr Seiki examines the electric field properties of a mobius band and other bucking field coils. Using standard Maxwellian field equations, Dr.Seiki postulates that a bucking coil, such as a mobius used in the Teslar technology, will generate an intense gravitational wave field when properly energized by external electrical currents. Dr. Seike further postulates that roles of electricity and magnetism will be reversed and a magnetic monopolar field will result. The agnetic lines of force will cancel. In their place will be a new inverted space-time field. Even before Dr Seike’s publication, there is a patent by R.L.Davis, an engineer who worked for Sandia Laboratories under NASA contract. His patent #3,267,406 issued in 1964 covers the use of the mobius design as a perfect non conductive resistor. This means that a resistor made in the mobius configuration will not generate a magnetic field, and will therefore produce zero electrical interference. This quality is most important in the high density, high speed computer circuitry used in spacecraft. A copy of the NASA Tech Brief on the mobius resistor can be obtained by requesting NASA. However, the application of the mobius used in the Teslar works as an antenna for generating gravitational waves, not as a resistor. The concept of inverting magnetism and electricity was unknown to Davis and NASA at that time. However, at the last EEIM Conference sponsored by the Air Force, NASA and other notable institutions, pulsed nanosecond electromagnetic fields and non hertzian waves were the format of discussion in new research; even though no one had a clue how to apply the technology in a consumer based format. Today, quantum produced scalars are an accepted premise by many physicists and researchers. T.E. Bearden wrote those scalars electromagnetic are the quantum mechanical effects and influences that can be produced by electrical and magnetic scalar potentials in force field regions of zero - E (electric) and zero-B (magnetic). The E and the B potentials create E and B-fields (Bfields are also known as H-fields). Even though Bearden has some paranoid ideas, you cannot disregard the Bohm-Aharonov effect which shows that the E and B-fields remain zero while the potentials cause physical effects. By opposing magnets and electric fields the sum to zero creates the zero scalar fields. It is the potentials that are the primary entities, and the fields are derived and secondary to the quantum electrodynamics. This follows from quantum mechanics and was proven in the 60''s, but only recently the conclusion of classical mechanic theory. It took over thirty years for physicists to realize the primary actuality of scalar potentials. The implications of the Bohm-Aharonov discovery have not been accepted by all western physicists and electrical engineers, but the trend is changing, as nearly all physics labs have quantum calculation departments. Scalar is the buzzword for the Non-Hertzian, Tesla Free Standing Waves produced by the Teslar. Scalar waves lack frequency and mass. The complex quaternion mathematical notations for scalar waves are derived from James Clerk Maxwell unified field theory for electromagnetic (1862). In the case of the Teslar, ordinary transverse electromagnetic waves (battery source) are coupled with the Tesla (Scalar) Longitudinal Waves (the chip-coil) using a magnetic component (sweep second hand mechanism). Dr. Patrick Cornelli wrote that scalar waves are like sound waves except that energy propagation is in the form of an oscillatory motion in the longitudinal direction instead of transverse. Scalar waves occur in the vacuum of collapsed fields and can only be quantified in terms of potential energy like water behind a dam. Scalar potential comes from an accumulated charge within the chip itself, which is released as a pulsed fast rise time wave form collapsing to 0-point with the electric field of the battery. Scalar waves are hyper-spatial, meaning what we view as normal is rotated in space time. In quantum reality, the human brain is a biological space time energy transducer as it creates electrical and magnetic fields (that is where thought comes from). Tied to the meridian electrical system of the body, the brain becomes the generator for the complete bio-field system. When it is overburdened with ambient electromagnetic fields it cannot manage to put out the correct information to the body pathways that regulate such systems as the immune system. So as you can see, this tiny mechanism of its own has the electric and magnetic potential to create scalar. We just had to find a way to collapse them utilizing the correct coil system. When the fast rise time wave form peaks, it creates a range of sub harmonics that move into the field, organizing chaotic patterning. A measurable E and B-field can be measured by any field meter, and the effect is not dampened by the strength of the fields, but rather is more significant biologically because of its subtle aspects. Brain ionization can be created with a magnetic field strength of 0.05 gauss. The body does not require a huge signal, but rather responds to subtle energy fields where an interaction is created and not the normal reaction In the November 15, 2002 edition of Science Magazine (American Association for the Advancement of Science, Vol 298, No 5597 Page 1355) an article by Charles Seife Doing The Wave in Many Ways under the subtitle Quantum Effects, he notes: What makes quantum objects quantum and macroscopic objects macroscopic? It seems to do with the process by which quantum objects lose their quantum nature: decoherence. In a sense, a coherent beam of light behaves like a single quantum object. When a photon or an atom is measured, it is forced to choose whether it spins up or spins down, and at that very moment, it behaves like a classical object, rather than a quantum one. The quantum state decoheres. Decoherence can strike when information flows from the object into the outside world - from the measurement or from the stray bounce of a molecule of air. The bigger and warmer an object is, the more difficult it is to isolate it and prevent information from flowing from it into its environment, making it decohere more and more quickly. This hemorrhage might be what makes big things behave differently than small things. Macroscopic objects might have a quantum nature but it disappears too quickly to measure, leaving behind only the grin of Schrdingercat. So bigger is not necessarily better; yes, this tiny watch and chip can do huge things! But remember the watch is NOT a cure all or panacea, NOR IS IT A MEDICAL DEVICE. It merely provides the body with the information and energy to shield itself. By shielding we mean that the technology simply helps the body NOT TO INTERACT with what is present. Watch wearers get excited about the technology and their experience while using it, but the watch is NOT healing them; it is their own immune system that has been unburdened, because there is no field interaction, and any number of experiences may then follow. Stimulation of the acupuncture meridians in itself will not shield the body from the ELF component of EMF, as electromagnetic fields do not have the wave propagation that a scalar produces. The scalar wave of the watch communicates with the scalar component in the DNA through the centriol to carry the message of information into not only the physical meridian, but probably more importantly, out into the bio-field and mind-field. For instance, if you wanted to look blue, a blue light could be spotlighted on you and you would look blue. But you wouldn’t really BE blue. However, if you could swallow a magic blue pill that would allow you to radiate blue from yourself, that would be a different matter. With a pulsed electromagnetic field you are merely masking and trying to overcome prevailing ambient frequencies, but with a scalar quantum those frequencies and impinging fields collapse and the body can then use that energy to shield its self which boosts the immune system. In an article published by Dr.Glen Rein, Stanford University, he demonstrated in an in-vitro study a 76% increase in the T-cell Lymphocytes when exposed to a watch with a Teslar chip verses exposure of a watch without a chip, proving the body is actually using the energy provided to enhance the immune system by shielding the body. EAV (Electro-acupuncture According to Voll) testing was conducted first by Dr. Scott Morley of Dorsett, England on a MORA machine. As researchers, we are not keen on EAV, now more commonly called EDS (Electro-Dermal Screening), as we feel it can be operator dependant; however, we did accept Dr. Morley tests as they were unsolicited and the MORA does seek a baseline before giving readout. This test has since been replicated by many EAV practitioners, including most recently by trainers at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.


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