Our little secret sharing

Laster innhold, vennligst vent!


Dear Mom, 

Here is my little sharing. 

Love is no boundary in the world. Network is always existing when people are real connected. That's what we called globalization.

I know I am a blessed person that known a sincere lady called Ilonka by the chance from Vince (my previous boyfriend). We keep chatting to know each other via social media. It starts our pure friendship.

I enjoy the chatting including encouragement and daily life sharing. One day, I am brave enough to invite my lovely angel, Ilonka, to be my mentor for lifetime. I am very fortunate that she agrees without any doubt. She tells me that just feeling free to share anything. She doesn't judge but inspire my directions. In addition, by her words, my confidence increases. Our topics are variable from inner parts (the bottom of heart) to outside parts (caring of the needy).

At a lucky chance, it is a blessed moment that I discover both of us are baptized. Ilonka, my sweetie angel, is not just my mentor, also my godmother. This is a precious gift from God. God brings our spiritual bonding together. We have resonance in our living. I think God knows well from my hope. I wish to have someone be my true light and giving warm. I am a blessed person that God makes my dream come true.

I can't wait for have nice gathering with my mom in the coming future. I pray for her and her family have adequate God's grace every day. 

Best regards, 

Wong Wai Sum Sandy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️