St Petersburg Russian Economic Summit 2011

Laster innhold, vennligst vent!

SHIFT 2012 and JYBA heading to the St Petersburg Russian Economic Summit. I just got the NEWS!!!! I will be speaking in Russia at the St. Petersburg Economic Summit on SHIFT 2012. I am the only speaker on the roster about Global Economic Peace and how to achieve it. But, with heads of state, the largest banks, and the largest corporations on the planet present, I have a chance to lay it out to all the people that count. For all those who know about SHIFT 2012 ... the insiders... just know that I almost gave up as to how we would get this out in time to make our launch...I have been praying so hard and I know you have too! Well, prayers have been answered! YEAH!!!!!! .... oh, and now....gulp! Its show time!