Walking The Waking Journey

Laster innhold, vennligst vent!

Teslar Entertainment and The Workshop for Infinite Media, Inc. present A Premiere Presentation of the Documentary WALKING THE WAKING JOURNEY An Epic Voyage to Awaken Humanity and Open a Door to the Future Director: Ferdinand John Balanag Screenplay: Padmapani L. Perez Editors: Kidlat de Guia, Jordan Arabejo Cinematographers: Regiben Romana, Jordan Arabejo Graphic Artist: Glenn Factor Production Assistant: Pusongbughaw Gonzales Research: Feliz L. Perez, Luane Tapnio Music: Bluesonic Studio, Chavi Romawac, Daryll Shy, HereIIHere (USA) Producers: Shiela Navarro, Donna Deberry Executive Producers: Courtland Reeves, Ilonka Harezi JULY 22, 2009 CULTURAL CENTER OF THE PHILIPPINES (Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino) www.walkingthewakingjourney.com (under construction) Tickets: PhP 100 SYNOPSIS For centuries, men and women have been drawn to the sheer magnificence of the Himalayas. From all around the world they have scaled these perilous heights in search of fame, or a sense of accomplishment. This story may not be about the great feats that these peaks have been witness to over the years, but it is certainly one of the most vibrant pictures of a people as resilient as their surroundings. This is a story about the hopes and dreams of children, and about how one man’s vision is ushering them forward into a more certain future. Seven years ago, Lama Tenzin a young Tibetan monk rescued children from poor living conditions in the isolated villages in the Himalayan border region of Upper Dolpo, Nepal. He built a home for them in India where he raised and educated them, and provided them with spiritual guidance with the hope that these children would return to their homes one day and do the same for their communities. In 2008, Lama Tenzin took the eleven children he rescued on a 30 day journey back to visit their homes and families. Walking the Waking Journey is the documentation of that remarkable voyage. The viewer is invited to join Lama Tenzin and the children as they move through the fierce and jagged beauty of the Himalayan landscape. The documentary begins in Kathmandu, as the small band of travelers make preparations for the long month ahead of them. Often, the trip is punctuated by circumstances that threaten to hinder their passing: unpredictable changes in weather conditions, harsh terrain, and the fatigue of both body and mind. But more than that, this is a story of a belief in a greater purpose for the way things unfold. A belief so potent, that any hurdles encountered along the way seem to dissolve into the scenery like falling rain. Set against the backdrop of a country rich with history and cultural identity, the journey is a glimpse into the hopes and dreams of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The viewer is invited to join Lama Tenzin and the children as they move through the fierce and jagged beauty of the Himalayan landscape. Their journey began with small steps: each one echoing with the resounding determination to make big dreams come true. And we see that it is often in the smallest things that the greatest opportunities for learning are born. As each path takes the children closer to home, we find that we too are learning; that an act of compassion can stretch out over time and distance to blossom in the hearts of countless people, that the human spirit is as enduring as even the timeless Himalayan mountains, and that it is love and connection that keep us all walking forward in this world with resolve and abundant joy.