The Quantum

The Quantum

The quantum is all around you, inside every split-second of every minute of every day. It is the empty space that both creates and permeates you and every particle in our universe. It is the limitless, timeless space that connects me to you, you to everyone, and back again to you and me.

You alter The Quantum with every choice you make. You stir it with your every word. Your smile soothes it, while it shudders chaotically in your anger. You sense it as musical melodies wrap themselves around you. You may get lost in it you’re your lover … and find yourself again.

Modern science is building the scientific framework for The Quantum, and it resembles more an more what wise sages have taught for centuries: that we are indeed all connected, through a Quantum Web, and that everything I think, say, and do, ultimately affects everything else through that Quantum connection.

Like warm sand on a beach, we each live as one grain of sand … move one grain … and change the entire beach, as other grains immediately adjust in different ways to accommodate the new arrangement.

Reading my books and watching the DVDs, you suddenly realize that there is coherency and science behind my theory of how The Quantum works.

My mission is for you to become wise in the ways of The Quantum, to improve through:

  1. Empowerment,
  2. Raising Your Consciousness, and
  3. Manifesting Your Dreams.

When these three evolutionary principles are integrated into your being, your time on this Earth will be full and rich, and you will achieve greater spiritual growth. You will realize that every choice affects the whole universe and everything within it. You will know an inner power that proves to your higher being that you do have worth, and that your life has great meaning, not only for yourself, but to all things.

Your body is an incredible learning device for the great consciousness that you are and that you share with God. You are a spiritual being that inhabits a temporary shell. You are not simply a human on a spiritual journey … you are a high spirit on a human journey.

Awaken to The Quantum!